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Portable Outlet 2 159W Battery

Product Overview


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Ever wished there was one battery pack that works with every CPAP machinewithout complicated adapters or additional plugs? The Portable Outlet is that battery. It provides convenient AC outlet power for any electronic device.


Product Features

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The Portable Outlet CPAP Battery is versatile and fully rechargeable; designed to accommodate any electronic device and power your CPAP machine anywhere you need to be.


In the Box:

159 Watt, 110 Volt UPS and Rechargeable CPAP Battery
· Works with the most popular models of CPAP & BiPAP
· Does not require additional adapters or connectors
· Power a CPAP and USB device at the same time
· Pure Sine Wave Technology adds battery life

· Meets TSA & FAA requirements for air travel
· Color Display & Power Percentage Indicator
· Can power laptops and other electronics
· Fast Charging USB (Output 5V/3.0 A)
· Includes a thin, universal wall cord 
· Includes a soft, durable travel bag 

· AC Discharge Output: 110V/60Hz
· 1 year warranty

Battery Capacity: 159 Wh/14.4Ah
AC Input: 100-240V/50-60Hz
DC Input: 12-19V, 2-3.2A
AC Output: 110V/60Hz
USB DC Output: 5V, 3.0A
Rated/Peak Power Output: 100W/145W
Battery Recharging Time: Approx. 5 to 6 Hours
Operating Temperature: 40°F and 105°F
Weight: 2lbs, 14ozs.
Dimensions: 5-3/8” x 9” x 1.5”


Portable Outlet Battery Pack Run Times

The run times featured here were published by the manufacturer, and are based on their testing and research. Actual results may be different from what is listed here.

Run times will vary widely depending on the type of device, altitude, and if humidification is used. Run times will also be affected if you use other devices with the battery during the day, as these devices reduce overall power. For best results, use no humidification with the battery, and use at sea level.

Machine  Pressure  Humidifier Setting  Run Time  
AirMini15None14 hours
AirMini20None9 hours
AirSense 1010Off8.5 hours
AirSense 1015Off7.5 hours
AirSense 1015On - 46.5 hours
DreamStation Go15None8 hours
System One10On - 311.5 hours
Transcend Auto miniCPAP15None10.5 hours

Return On Warranty Issues Only


Manufactured by Portable Outlet.

Portable Outlet 2 159W Battery

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