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Machines and Equipment

If you purchase your machine from, and for any reason your machine does not function properly, call and notify us of the malfunction. We will contact the manufacturer, secure the return authorization (RA) and include it, along with an addressed label as to where to send your machine.

If your machine is under warranty, it will be repaired and returned to where we will check the settings, then return it to you.

If your machine is not under warranty and you purchased it from, we will contact the manufacturer, secure the return authorization (RA) and include it, along with an addressed label as to where to send your machine. The manufacturer will submit a repair estimate for your machine. We will contact you so that you can determine if you want the machine repaired or if you want to replace the machine. There is a $100 charge if you decide to do nothing. If you decide to repair the machine the $100.00 charge is dropped by the manufacturer. If you decide to replace the machine and purchase the new machine from, we will drop the $100.00 estimate charge. When your machine is repaired, it will be returned to where we will check the settings, then return it on to you along with a prepaid shipping label so you can return the loaner machine at no cost to you.

If you decided to replace your machine, your old machine will be returned to, wherein we will return it on to you. does not process items purchased from another company, you will need to contact the company you originally purchased the equipment to assist you with your request.


If your machine is not under warranty and you did not purchase it from, contact the original company the equipment was purchased. 

Masks and Nasal Interfaces

All masks and nasal interfaces are warranted for 30 days by the manufacturer against defects and breakage. They will be replaced by the manufacturer through the dealer. The warranty does not include incorrect sizing or fit.


If the mask does not fit,, by federal law, cannot resell the mask. We will give you the opportunity of purchasing another mask.


Parts and Supply Items

All parts and supply items are warranted for 30 days by the manufacturer against manufacturing defects and breakage. They will be replaced by the manufacture through the dealer.

The Customer Service people at are authorized to take care of problems immediately. They are going to treat you the way they would want to be treated.

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Return Policy

All CPAP and sleep disorder equipment and nasal interfaces are prescribed items and therefore the sale is controlled by the Food and Drug Administration. Because used items cannot be resold because of cross contamination, they cannot be returned to for credit.

ALL RETURN ITEMS MUST BE RETURNED WITHIN 14 DAYS OF PURCHASE. Bagged items that appear to have been opened will not be accepted as a return and no credit shall be given. If you open it, you own it. Boxed items must be returned in their original box. Package boxed item in a shipping box to return. All returned equipment and/or supply items will be charged a 15% restocking fee except under the following conditions:

  1. Damaged, broken or improperly manufactured merchandise

  2. Shipment of merchandise not ordered

  3. Shipment of item not shown on invoice

  4. Shipment of incorrect item


Customers will have the refund credited into their credit cards, or PayPal accounts.

Shipping cost for returned items/orders: will cover the return shipping cost if the returned items/orders are one of the four cases listed above; otherwise the customer is responsible to cover the return shipping cost.


The Federal Food and Drug Administration of the U.S. Government prohibits the resale of Masks, Headgear and any parts of these items or any other items wherein there is a possibility of cross contamination. Pillows, pillow cases, slings, etc. are also included in this category. Accordingly, the sale of such items is final. A copy of your invoice or packing slip must be enclosed with the item upon return.

Return/Warranty Procedure

No returns/warranty service accepted without prior authorization. Before you return your order, or your machine/mask/tubing need service, please contact us first. We will email you a form with a RA (Return Authorization). The printed form with the RA must be included in the returned box (otherwise we cannot locate your order).

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Shipping Policy understands our customers need the CPAP and CPAP supplies as soon as possible to start sleep apnea therapy, so a fast, reliable, predictable, and affordable shipping is one of our primary goals.


Processing Time

Orders placed before 3pm PST will be processed in the same day, except for the weekends and holidays.


Shipping Rates provides one of the most affordable shipping rates for domestic customers. For domestic customers, orders under 5lbs. and total cost $99 will have a flat rate $5.99. Orders $99 or more will have free shipping. We usually use UPS ground, FedEx or US Postal Service (USPS) Priority for flat rate or free shipping carrier.


Domestic users also have expedited shipping option during checkout, including UPS Overnight, UPS 2 days, UPS 3 days. Customers are responsible for expedited shipping cost.


ResMed and Respironics products are for sale only to patients in the United States and not to other third parties and businesses.


Delivery Time is located in west coast USA. Most west coast customers will receive their orders in 3-5 business days. East coast customers will receive their orders in 5-7 business days.

Tax and Duty does not charge sales tax.

International customers are responsible for import duty and/or taxes, if applicable. Please consult local Customs for duty/tax rates before placing the order.


All equipment listed hereon Requires a Valid US Physician's Prescription. Prescriptions for CPAP, BiPap and Auto-Titrating,Oxygen machines must state the pressure, lpm at which the machine is to be set. Prescriptions for heated humidifiers need only to state "Heated Humidifier for use with CPAP." Prescriptions may be faxed by the patient or the patient's physician to CPAP Success 4U at 1-877-293-3805. Sorry no exceptions can be made to this.

All prescriptions not written in English must be translated into English.

Contact us at if you have any questions regarding your RX Prescriptions. Prescriptions may be uploaded for verification requirement. CLICK HERE


Independent Statement

All services provided by the internet provided, including the advertisement, ordering, sale, delivery, instruction, and setup of the products, are preformed solely by the internet provider and independently of the manufacturer.

Privacy & Security does not rent, sell or distribute any personal information including email addresses to anyone. This information is used strictly for order processing and communication purposes. We utilize the latest technology to ensure that your information is kept safe and out of the hands of unauthorized individuals. If you feel that your personal information has been compromised, please contact us immediately at or by phone at 1-877-799-9825.

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