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ResMed AirMini™ N20 Setup Pack (Mask not Included)

ResMed AirMini N20 Setup Pack

The ResMed AirMini N20 Setup Pack connects the N20 nasal mask to the lightweight, compact AirMini Travel CPAP. The N20 Setup Pack features a specialized mask connector that includes a chamber for the AirMini’s HumidX waterless humidification system, as well as the slender 15mm AirMini CPAP tubing.


AirMini N20 Setup Pack Features:

  • N20 mask connector
  • AirMini 15mm tubing
  • HumidX and HumidX Plus waterless humidifier inserts


AirMini Compatibility with N20 Mask

The new AirMini Travel CPAP machines integrates with the ResMed’s popular AirFit F2, P10 and N20 CPAP masks. The N20 Setup Pack connects to the AirMini via specially designed mask connector, which in turn connects to the AirMini’s slim and flexible 15mm tubing. In between is a chamber to house ResMed’s HumidX waterless humidification inserts, a replaceable heat-moisture exchanger (HME) that delivers simple, yet effective humidification for the AirMini.


The N20 AirMini Setup Pack allows N20 nasal mask users to enjoy all the comfort and performance they’ve come to expect but adds the travel-friendly benefits of the new AirMini. That means taking the N20 and its comfy InfinitySeal cushion with flexible frame and open view on the road with ease.

Don’t leave your N20 nasal mask at home when it comes time to roam abroad. Instead, order the N20 Setup Pack from and enjoy a good night of sleep with the ResMed AirMini.


ResMed AirMini™ N20 Setup Pack (Mask not Included)

SKU: 38823

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