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ResMed AirMini F20 Setup Pack (Mask not Included)

ResMed AirMini F20 Setup Pack


ResMed AirMini F20 Setup Pack

The ResMed AirMini F20 Setup Pack connects the popular F20 full face mask to ResMed’s new AirMini Travel CPAP machine. Featuring a specialized mask connector for the AirTouch or AirFit F20 mask, the F20 Setup pack ensures compatibility with the AirMini’s slender 15mm tubing.


AirMini F20 Setup Pack Features:

  • F20 mask elbow connector
  • AirMini 15mm tubing


AirMini Compatibility with F20 Mask

ResMed’s AirMini Travel CPAP is designed to integrate seamlessly with the company’s popular AirFit series of masks, including the N20, P10 and F20. The F20 Setup Pack ensures smooth operation with the AirMini through its purposed-build elbow connector, which mates the AirMini’s slender 15mm tubing with the F20’s mask frame. The result is a secure pathway for the potent AirMini to deliver its effective, versatile CPAP therapy into the F20 and its comfortably effective InfintySeal cushion. The F20 Setup Pack also accommodates the AirTouch F20 mask with its ultra-cush memory foam cushion.

Get the most out of your CPAP therapy while traveling abroad or staying close to home from the effective duo of the ResMed AirMini Travel CPAP and F20 full face mask with the F20 Setup Pack. Don’t delay, purchase the ResMed AirMini F20 Setup Pack online at


Note: The AirMini with F20 mask does not accommodate the HumidX waterless humidification system found on the N20 and P10 Setup Packs.


Note: The F20 does not currently support the use of the HumidX waterless humidifier.


ResMed AirMini F20 Setup Pack (Mask not Included)

SKU: 38825

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