Respironics Comfort Classic

Ask about our packaged unopened, discounted masks that are not manufactured any longer, however the mask is is the mask you never want to leave home without.

Mask Types

Comfort Classic- Item 1007963 Small

Comfort Classic- Item1007964 Medium


  • Comfortable Seal: The outer membrane fills with air to create a cozy seal.
  • Latex-Free: Just like all Respironics masks and headgear.
  • Easy to use Headgear:Headgear attachment points are positioned lower on the mask to enhance patient comfort, using the one-sizefits-most Deluxe headgear. This unique headgear with Velcro® tabs easily adjusts in eight places for a secure, custom fit.
  • Gel Spacer: Dual-position gel spacer molds to the wearer's forehead for added comfort and stability.
  • Thicker inner layer: A strong and compact inner layer provides a secure fit.

Combine all these features, and you have a mask that may help to improve treatment compliance. And that's a feature anyone can be comfortable with. 


*** Limited quantity of 50 on hand and in stock

Respironics Comfort Classic

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