ResMed Custom Backpack for Mobi Portable Oxygen


ResMed's Mobi Backpack is a brilliant solution letting you carry your concentrator everywhere you go while keeping your hands free to do just about anything you want! The backpack has plenty of space for your Mobi as well as, cords, cannulas, oxygen accessories, and small personal items; and it's enhanced with loads of convenience features so you can enjoy an active lifestyle without interrupting your oxygen therapy.


ResMed's Mobi Backpack features integrated mesh panels, at key points around the exterior, to ensure your oxygen concentrator's air vents are free to function properly while Mobi is in the pack. Discreet padding around the pack, and on its base, helps to protect your concentrator from bumps and scrapes while you're on the go; and integrated ports and clips mean you can plug in, charge, control, and use your concentrator all without ever taking it out of the backpack.


The backpack's rich gray, water resistant fabric is sturdy and durable, and best of all it looks great. On the base of the backpack you'll find important safety and FAA compliance labeling making it easier to clear security and take your concentrator on flights!


The Mobi Backpack has integrated zipper pockets and panels for storing backup cannulas and paperwork; and there's extra space for cords and other convenience items too. The adjustable shoulder straps include an integrated zipper channel that can be used to secure oxygen tubing and cannulas out of sight rather than letting them dangle, and tangle, as you move through your day. Finally, on one side of the backpack there is a special pouch to hold an external battery while it is plugged into (and even powering) the oxygen concentrator!

ResMed Custom Backpack for Mobi Portable Oxygen

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