F&P Evora Nasal Mask Fit Pack

F&P Evora Nasal Mask Fit Pack (S/M/L Cushions)

Unlike any other mask, the F&P Evora Mask incorporates CapFit Headgear that has been designed to be put on just like a cap - a simple and intuitive movement that almost everyone is familiar with.

The compact F&P Evora mask not only provides a quiet and comfortable night’s sleep, but also allows you the freedom to move with its discrete and lightweight design. It’s so simple, 98% of trial participants could successfully put on and take off the Evora in the dark!*

This mask is compatible with all CPAP Machines excluding the ResMed AirMini Travel Device.


Freedom to move

Simple, one-size CapFit Headgear using soft-knit fabric

Soft, compact floating seal for optimal comfort and efficiency

Gentle mask exhaust minimizing partner disturbance


RX Required

F&P Evora Nasal Mask Fit Pack