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Respironics TrueBlue

Ask about our packaged unopened, discounted masks that are not manufactured any longer, however the mask is is the mask you never want to leave home without.

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TrueBlue Duopack- Item 1071820 Medium


The TrueBlue CPAP Mask from Respironics is designed to be a loose-fitting nasal mask. The mask seal comes with a built-in spring that connects the premium blue gel cushion to the frame, allowing the mask to move freely without dislodging the cushion. This will ensure you increased comfort while limiting disturbances while you sleep. Additionally, the gel cushion is comfortable and won't rub against your face as you sleep. The TrueBlue Gel Nasal CPAP Mask is equipped with a high-quality air diffuser you will not have to worry about disturbing you or your partner.


*** Limited quantity of 50 on hand and in stock

Respironics TrueBlue

SKU: 1071820
$45.00 Regular Price
$35.00Sale Price

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