InnoSpire Mini Portable Compressor Nebulizer with Reusable SideStream Plus


The InnoSpire Mini Compressor Nebulizer System is an ideal travel companion, allowing you to nebulize your medications whenever and wherever you may be. Compact, lightweight and reliable InnoSpire Mini weighs less than a pound, combining a premium compressor, and advanced nebulizers, with intelligent portability and convenience features.


InnoSpire Mini is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand providing a great all around compressor nebulizer solution for home and travel. It comes with a handy carrying case; but it can be carried in a purse or backpack too. Additional convenience features like a top-down air outlet and a built-in nebulizer stand make the InnoSpire Mini a true standout among compressor systems.


The InnoSpire Mini comes complete with two SideStream Plus Reusable Nebulizers for up to a year of treatments before replacements are needed. SideStream Plus breath-enhanced, reusable nebulizers feature an easy-action inspiratory valve that opens on inspiration to boost medication delivery and closes on exhalation, preserving medication and reducing waste. Significantly less pressure is needed to open the inspiratory valve, making SideStream Plus ideal for weak breathers, pediatric and elderly patients.


At DirectHomeMedical each InnoSpire Mini package comes with both AC and DC cords so it's ready for use at home or on the road from the cigarette style power sockets found in most cars, boats, trucks and other vehicles. If your adventures take you away from fixed power sources we also offer InnoSpire Mini with a rechargeable battery pack so you can literally take your treatments anywhere!


The optional InnoSpire Mini lithium-ion battery pack will operate the compressor for multiple treatments, up to a total of 90 minutes, between charges. Recharging is quick and convenient, taking about 6 hours for a full charge from standard AC or DC power sources.

InnoSpire Mini Portable Compressor Nebulizer with Reusable SideStream Plus

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