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InnoSpire Essence Compressor Nebulizer with Reusable & Disposable SideStream


The InnoSpire Essence Compressor Nebulizer System from Philips Respironics provides fast and efficient aerosol drug delivery with proven SideStream technology. Essence is compact, lightweight, and economical with a stylish design blends gracefully into the home environment. The Essence offers Intermittent Drug Delivery (30-min on / 30-min off).


At just 3.3 lbs InnoSpire Essence combines a powerful compressor and compact design to create a nebulizer system that makes compliance stylish and easy. Essence is built to last with an industry leading 5-year manufacturer's warranty!


The InnoSpire Essence comes complete with two SideStream Nebulizers: one Reusable, one Disposable. SideStream nebulizers feature an active venturi system that provides additional air flow to that supplied by the compressor, resulting in faster drug delivery and shorter treatment times. SideStream Nebulizers are easy to use with fewer parts to assemble and clean than conventional nebulizers. SideStream's unique design provides consistent delivery of medication every time.

InnoSpire Essence Compressor Nebulizer with Reusable & Disposable SideStream

SKU: 1100312
$89.95 Regular Price
$69.95Sale Price

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